Compartimos información enviada por FEGGA sobre la ampliación del plazo de inscripción para The Royal and Ancient Golf Club Scholarship Programme.

The R&A has extended the closing date to 14 May to give one more push and to try and ensure we have a broad a geographic spread of applications as possible.

As a reminder we are aiming to provide a unique opportunity for up to 12 talented individuals to fulfil their career ambitions by participating in this potentially life changing leadership-focussed experience. We are looking to attract candidates from all across the golf industry and thought you may know of individuals in your network who would benefit from this scholarship.

This new global scholarship programme, funded through The R&A Foundation, by Club members, offers funding but also the chance to be connected to a community of people who share their passion about the future of the game. Through mentorship, education and training the programme will help these individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge, enabling them to become the next generation of leaders.

Whether as future agronomists, coaches, engineers, executives or innovators, our scholars will serve as golf’s ambassadors, defining the future of the game both on and off the course. The initiative is not designed to support elite amateur players during their studies, as The R&A Foundation Scholarship already excels in this mission, but rather to help create the strongest possible foundation for our sport as a whole.

The programme has been promoted through The R&A’s broad global network of affiliates and other connections. However, we would also encourage employees of your organisation to share news of this programme with their own contacts and individuals and organisations who may propose candidates who would be eligible for the award.


We are seeking applicants, aged 18–25, who already have an active interest in golf and can demonstrate exceptional commitment and contributions to the game, particularly those who:

  • Have ambitions to contribute significantly to golf throughout their lives, including candidates interested in industry-specific education, for example – club management, agronomy, sports medicine, journalism or technology and equipment manufacturing
  • Volunteer actively within the golf community
  • Demonstrate resilience in overcoming challenges or adversity
  • Serve as role models for their peers, friends and the younger generation who look up to them by showcasing determination, aptitude and leadership

The Scholarship Guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions with updated dates and details of how to apply can be found here, also attached.

Applications must be received by noon (GMT) on 14 May 2024.


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