Jun 17


Seguimos animándoos a disfrutar de los webinar que tan amablemente nos ha cedido de forma gratuita la GCSAA.

Ya sabéis que en julio dejaremos de tener acceso a los mismos. Los hay de variadas temáticas: leasership, environmental management, agronomy… Muy enriquecedores.

Interesados contactad con:, para gestionar acceso.

Hoy queremos destacar uno Environmental management, Calibrating Your Sprayer &Selecting the Right Nozzles

Calibrating is often an important, sometimes overlooked or infrequent practice by many turfgrass managers. Calibration ensures that you apply products correctly the first time, which can save you time and money and lead to better turf. Furthermore, calibration is not as difficult as it may initially seem. In this 90-minute webinar, Aaron Patton, Ph.D., covers the basic principles of calibrating various types of sprayers and discusses nozzle selection and how it can affect drift, as well as pest control.

Original presentation date: Jan. 8, 2015              Education points: 0.2


About the instructor: Aaron J. Patton, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture at Purdue University, where he serves as turfgrass extension specialist. He earned his B.S. from Iowa State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue University. His appointment provides him the opportunity to be involved with extension, teaching, and research. His extension responsibilities are to support county educators and providing education to Indiana’s $1.8 billion turfgrass industry. His research responsibilities include planning, implementing, and leading projects devoted to managing quality turf while reducing management inputs. Patton’s research interests focus on weed ecology and control, warm-season grasses, and agronomic practices in turfgrass systems. He teaches the senior level turfgrass science course at Purdue University and mentors undergraduate and graduate students. Patton has been a GCSAA faculty member since 2008 teaching at the education conference as well as numerous webinars.

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